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Gemma’s Treasure is primarily focused on carrying items created by American Female Designers and Artisans🇺🇸 ~

My name is Sharon and I’m the owner and founder of Gemma’s Treasure.  The name Gemma is my six year old daughter’s first name. She has definitely been my inspiration from the conception of the business. We reside on the Big Island of Hawaii, which has been home for most of my life and all of hers. 

Whereas we have been in business for almost 5 years, through the years, we are continuously ever evolving and bettering ourselves in what we reflect and represent. 

Who are We? We are a company, and we’d like to think ambassadors, who represent Fellow Female American Entrepreneurs- Women (some as young as 12!) who have passion for their product and continue to strive towards their next level as an Artisan. Whether they represent their art in apparel or jewelry, we support them in their journey and feel privileged to be a part of it ourselves. We see the value in investing in the people as well as the product.

We can’t do it alone. You as the consumer can make the choice to shop locally, support locally. That is who we are. We are your neighbors, we are your sisters, aunts, and friends as these women are from across the 50 states.....and we appreciate your support. Thank you for taking the time to read about us! Feel free to Reach out anytime. We love’d getting to know you. 


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